Monday, November 30, 2009

Hollywood's Stylish Women Over 50!

Who said fifty was over-the-hill…our list of fabulous women over fifty have a sense of style that would have us digging through their closets! These women have been around for over a half century long and are still looking fabulous! We hope to age as gracefully as them and after seeing our FABULOUS FIFTY list you probably would too!

MADONNA: The Evolving Icon

Age: 51 yrs old

Birthday: August 16, 1958

Sign: Leo

Hometown: Bay City, Michigan

Her Look:

Madonna has had more looks over the years that it’s even hard for us to keep up! To Material Girl and Marilyn Monroe look alike to that “if you blinked you missed it” Southwestern style, or even that retro womanizing, but somehow feminists pimp get-up, Madonna has always embodied bold fashion. Today the singer has seemed to settle into a mix of sophistication, rock, and haute couture for her personal style. Amazingly with all the black, leather, and youthful pattern trends we see in her wardrobe, Madonna always manages to stay age appropriate and of course amazing!

IMAN: The Everlasting Beauty

Age: 54 yrs old

Birthday: July 15, 1955

Sign: Cancer

Hometown: Mogadishu, Somalia

Her Look:

For any fashion designer, Iman was a model sent from God himself! Her waif, long figure is just absolutely immaculate in any designer gown. From gowns to jeans, Iman always adds a high fashion flair to her wardrobe. Forever chic and never trashy, Iman is fearless when it comes to sparkle, florescent color schemes, and scandalous silhouettes. With her exotic look, we strive to look as good as Iman in her twenties let alone in our fifties!


Age: 53

Birthday: August 21, 1956

Sign: Leo

Hometown: Liverpool, England

Her Look:

Kim Cattrell and her character Samantha must be sharing the same closet and we absolutely love it! This “over 50” celeb shows no fear especially when it comes to showing her figure! We love Kim’s style because her wardrobe proves that you can give those twenty something yr olds a run for their money! Our favorite Kim Catt styles are her slinky black minis, old Hollywood gowns, and her bold color choices! This vivacious vixen definitely keeps the sex coming in the city!


Age: 55

Birthday: January 29, 1954

Sign: Aquarius

Hometown: Koscuisko, Mississippi

Her Look:

Not only is Oprah inspiring, smart, and wealthy. But she has a great sense of fashion! And with her net worth grossing over 2.3 billion (yes billion)..We’re not surprised that her fashion sense is just as charismatic as she is! Never one to shy away from designer labels, Oprah usually goes for the classic designer staples such as Fendi purses, Jill Stuart shades, and Versace suits. For evening looks, Oprah has dazzled in red wrap dresses and yellow corseted gowns. At 55, this daytime diva is the essence of a modern female professional.

SHARON STONE: The Wild Child

Age: 51

Birthday: March 10, 1958

Sign: Pisces

Hometown: Meadville, Pennsylvania

Her Look:

Adventurous and wild! And who cares, the way she looks we’d be dressing the same way! The actress has donned anything from animal prints to plunging necklines to sheer garments in her red carpet looks. Ms. Stone plays with all types of interesting textures and materials as well. We’ve seen her in furs, velvets, and sheer chiffons which all compliment her rock hard body. So at age 51, fashion just seems to be this wild child’s basic instinct.

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