Friday, December 4, 2009

Sexy Lingerie Trends...Do it for it for yourself!

At Sachika we want you to look just as beautiful on the outside as you do on the inside..and by inside we mean whatever your wearing underneath that dress! The cold of winter leaves A WHOLE LOT of time for indoor activities and we wanna make sure you're up to date and lookin like a sex kitten underneath it all… We all know sexiness comes from a lot of things but it comes out especially when you’re in some sexy lingerie…Here are our LINGERIE TRENDS to steam things up with for this winter!


Bring on the leopard baby!! Leopard nighties, bras, panties and corsets…we’re on sex kitten overload! Leopard has always been synonymous with lingerie but its pairing with colors have changed over time...We’ve seen leopard paired with just about everything but this year the classic kitty print is going back to basics. To get this nighttime jungle look, buy leopard pieces that have simple black laced trimming or even better, ones with white lacing. Remember this print can go from country club class to garbage can trash in an instance.. so keep it classy ladies and let the leopard not the trim color do the talking…Meeowww


Va-va-voom your boy toy with feathers! Feathers can often be tricky as outerwear, but in underwear this season you ladies have free range. We’re seeing a lot of Baby Doll nighties and corseted tops that are being trimmed with fuzzy feathers and look the best in softer shades such as a pale pink and blue. Going with feathers in a loud color can come off too Big Bird-ish and believe us when we say, no one wants to get steamy with a Sesame Street character (at least we hope not!) So have fun with this look, but don’t go overboard with the color or the material itself… Remember feathers are great in moderation!


It may be cold outside but that doesn’t mean you can’t heat things up! Get Tropical with amazing shades of coral lingerie , which is our number one color choice for this upcoming year. Electric purples, oranges, and peachy pinks are the big shades that we’re seeing in lacey garments, especially. So if you can’t afford that scuba diving trip to St. Bart’s this year…no worries! Bring the colors of the tropics to your lingerie that will not only be cheaper but will surely have your guy taking a dive down under!

4. Dramatic Derrieres’

This next trend is for all our ladies who want to flaunt their beautiful backsides! Now is the time to decorate your booties with statement thongs and were turning to Victoria Secrets to put the PAZZAZ back on our derrieres’ this season! Oversized bows, flowers, and ruffles in outrageous colors are being found on thongs and boy short panties. Whether you think you have a lot or not enough junk in that trunk… this booty d├ęcor will have your lover going gaga over that butt of yours.


Turquoise will have your lover’s temptations rising high! Turquoise bras and panties are in for this winter season and look great on practically all skin tones. You don’t have to stick to one shade of turquoise either…mix and match with deeper purplish blues or even “icy” toned wont turn you into an ice queen but we promise will freeze your man in his tracks!!


Wanna role-play? Don’t be ashamed..especially if your into being a sexy pauper’s wife or a not-so- innocent countryside bumpkin. Channel your favorite fable girl in the sack with plaid corseted tops perfect for accentuated the breasts and downplaying the mid-section. Give a peek of the cheek with a cut off garter skirt that leaves a little to the imagination. With this look the color palette can go either can go with plum purple, forest green, and an unlikely addition to lingerie colors, chestnut brown…that we must say is giving lingerie a new level of couture. So Gretel grab your Hansel and ditch that creepy house made of candy. It’s gonna be a looonnnnggg night!

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