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Here's our segment of the commercial:

 Here is the English full version!

With the Creative Directors of Double Syndrom

2010: TWENTY TEN. It just sounds like an amazing year. Whatever it is, we WILL make this year unbelievable!

Besides from being Fashion Designers & entrepreneurs we also love to perform, sing (yup) and to act. Our mom was a singer so we've been exposed to performing arts from a young age. It's just so fun! It's like we need the Ying & the Yang to be complete: one side of us if very disciplined, hardworking & business minded and this other side of us is very creative, fun & goofy!!!
We love to work hard and to succeed but truly, what would life be if you take yourself too seriously and don't enjoy every step of the way? There's a time and place for everything but I think in whatever you do, you should put all your energy into it, your heart and soul! You wanna work? Work as hard as possible!!! And focus! You wanna have fun? Then let loose and enjoy with no worries!!! =)

Last month we had the pleasure of doing something very very fun LOL!!!
We were cast to play in the new PS3 commercial in Europe. Our agency called and said they were looking for identical twins in their 20's who can speak more than one foreign languages. For some reasons, I just knew we had it in our pocket...:P At the audition, we saw so many different sets of twins, Italians ones, African American, latinas... it was so refreshing to see so many twins and realize the impact that that double effect can have on you. We got the call back and the got the part! WOOHOO! They picked 4 sets of twins because the commercial is a serie of 4 commercials so you have to watch all 4 or else it might be difficult to understand especially that two that are in French.
Basically the concept is as follows:
There's been a new syndrom occurring all over the world. People wake up with their double in their bed, looking exactly like them but acting like a 5 year old crazy child, affecting their everyday lives. And they just can't get rid of their doubles. Doctors ensure that this phenomenon is normal and is due to the fact that people don't let their inner child out and are too caught up in their everyday lives. Solution: by playing PS3 they can get rid of the crazy double!! But in the meantime, victims all over the world are concerned and depressed about their situation, losing jobs, losing their significant other, etc and are calling our for help by using webcams, cam corders to prove their stories. This is what our commercial is about:

Saigon: A Vietnamese girl crying our for help on her webcam showing her crazy double in the back going nuts. The funniest part was that the casting directors asked each of us to do both roles once and without even knowing our real personalities they picked To-Nya to play the depressed one and me and the crazy one...PERFECT!...LOL... I like to have fun!!! I had soooo much fun doing this was a platform for me to kinda let loose and be MYSELF...cause really, when can I really act like that without being judged?!? It was truly an enjoyable experience.....And To-Nya killed it! Her Vietnamese was off the chain!!! GETING PAID TO HAVE FUN??? ANYTIME!!!!!

Makeup time

A word with the director

On set manager

Getting the set ready


Yihhaaa! LOL

To-Tam Ton-Nu: Crazy Twin double
To-Nya Ton-Nu: Depressed victim

Main PS3 commercial France:

Double Syndrom New York:

Double Syndrom Chicago:

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