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To-Tam (left) & To-Nya (right) Sachika. Identical Twin Designers of SACHIKA at the Finals of the Supima Design Contest 2010

January 19th 2010 at the NY Times Center, 6 designers were about to unveil their finals garments made of the finest cotton in America: Supima, as a results of weeks and weeks of hard labor and little sleep...LOL

We arrived at the building promptly at 4h30pm. Makeup artists, hairdressers, models, organizers were running around everywhere, working like bees. Lights & cameras were everywhere, documenting the big event. It's always so thrilling to do a show, to create something and see it on the runway with all the lights on....awwww..what a thrill!!!

Our dresses were ready and so was our "ultimate t-shirt". Each Designer had to design 3 dresses(knit, woven and denim) and their version of the ultimate t-shirt. We had our 4 pieces ready and we were happy and proud of our designs. Designers were mostly steaming their garments, prepping their models, etc. At 5h30pm, we had a rehearsal in the main room. Some of our favorites photographer friends were there: Arthur Eisenberg, James Bluck, Derrick Salters, Keith Lew, Shawn Punch. Always lovely to know we're going to get amazing shots out of this!!!

Here are the final 6 Designers chosen: Robin Tomas, Gina DeSilva, Michael Venker, Nadia Ivanova, Heber Sanchez, and Sachika’s To-Tam and To-Nya Ton-Nu
Teri Agins, Simon Collins, Chris Frye, Horacio Silva and Buxton Midyette.

At 7pm, the show started and SACHIKA was first. We love to either open or close shows!

Our model Atalita opened the show with our denim dress. It's the BIJOU dress, a flirtatious one-shoulder dress with sequins and wide circular dress made in denim. Denim never looked so fab!! We were frankly very proud of that dress and Atalita totally rocked it!

Bijou Denim Dress by SACHIKA

Second piece was the Fatale dress. This dress fits Rayunna like a glove. She has the perfect cleavage & proportions for the dress. It's simple, sexy, young and modern.

Fatale dress by SACHIKA

3rd dress was our Butterfly hater dress with removable straps. This dress photographed the best out of our 2 dresses! Yes, even garments can be photogenic lol.

Butterfly dress by SACHIKA

Our t-shirt was worn by male model Chris Austad. He is such a sweetheart. He looked totally hot in our t-shirt and he loved it!!! He kept saying he wanted it. He did an amazing job on the runway! It's the Tux-Body shirt. The lines create the illusion of a tuxedo yet with you get the feel and comfort of a t-shirt. Strategically placed seams to enhance the male body with a more v-shape, wider shoulders and sexy neckline. Do you guys like it???

Tux-Body T-Shirt by SACHIKA

Each Designer proudly showcased their designs. We must admit everyone was so sweet and nice. Everyone seemed focused on their work, it was a pleasant environment.

The lovely Coco Rocha announced the winners

1) Best gown: Gina Da Silva.
We have to congratulate her and admit that her craftmanship was great. She put countless hours into making those dresses and she truly deserved it for putting so much effort and work. We were particularly impressed with her last dress.

2) Best T-shirt for men: Robin Tomas
Congrats to Robin! He was a sweetheart and he's Filipino!!! So let's go Asians Designers!!

The evening ended on the step and repeat with flashes here and there, photos, interviews and we left still feeling proud of our designs!! YES!
"A True Winner is one who finds victory in all life experiences"

Here is the video to the whole show. The first 4 designs are SACHIKA's :)

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To-Tam & To-Nya Sachika

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