Monday, April 26, 2010

SACHIKA shines during the BK Fashion Week April 2010

Photo by Moises De Pena

Fashion & Brooklyn!!

This season, the Brooklyn Fashion show was hosted by Abner Louima, Alex & Simon (BRAVO TV/Real Housewives of NYC)& Derek Warburton (Derek Loves

Photo by Moises De Pena

Rick Davy
, in effort of raising funds to help Haiti & to bring a strong platform for new designers has established a reputable name for himself every season bringing new talent at the Brooklyn Fashion Weekend. This season, the show was a marathon of 10 designers shows as well many artists and performers:

by Andrea Pitter, Terri Stevens, Das Komittee, Doreseau Couture,Students of Williams H Maxwell HS & Futa Fashion, Alisha Trimble, BGU, Gwen Botelli, Crying Tears, Andrew Nowell, SACHIKA.

Twin designers of SACHIKA backstage with model Lorianna. 
All 3 rocking the SACHIKA FOXY dress
Photo by Moises De Pena

Behind the scenes, we were able to see most of the lines and we must admit the one that caught our eyes was the collection by Andrea Pitter for Pantora. The line was fresh, clean & feminine. Congrats ladies!

One of our favorite performers of the evening was singer/songwriter Ceresia from Miami. The self proclaimed Pop & B artist has catchy hit songs and sexy Ceresia is currently recording her debut album here in New York and we suspects you will hear a lot more or her very soon!

Singer/Songwriter Ceresia performed a few of her hit songs. Photo by Moises De Pena

Us in SACHIKA & the Harris Twin Models in TUX by SACHIKA center stage of the BK Fashion Weekend. Photo by Moises de Pena.

Our debut collection is a collection of premium basic tee's for active men. Our t-shirts have the comfort of the basic tee, the quality of the best cotton & the crispier look of a comfortable tuxedo shirt. Our all shirts are available at:

Photo by Moises De Pena

SACHIKA Fall 2010 Collection:

The inspiration behind our collection was: sultry, feminine & textural.The silhouettes were hour-glass and emphasis was put on the shoulders & waistline.

Official SACHIKA sponsors:

Fashion Show Music by
Jackets/Jeans provided by
Shoes provided by
Jewelry provided by
Stylist: Hope Morgan
PR by S Angelique Mingo
Models provided by

Some of the guests attendance:

TV Host Dee Vasquez

Celebrity Eyewear Designers Coco&&Breezy

Celebrity Fitness Trainer Sidney Wilson

Derek Warburton

To-Tam, Simon Van Kempen, To-Nya

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We love Adha Zelma's jewelry!!!


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