Thursday, April 29, 2010


There's been a new fashion trend that we absolutely love and it's the Warrior Trend...Rihanna wears that trend perfectly...To be frank, that trend suits our fashion style and personality just as well!! We are tough cookies:P

We constantly find ourselves running around the city being pushed, shoved, rained on, blown away, and other unthinkable things that the crazy City beholds! We want to be women that are ready to rumble but look chic to go out with a couple of girlfriends after work. While fashion trends come and go we still have to live in this battlefield (New York & LIFE itself) so why not become a warrior?! Warrior at work, warrior, at heart, warrior style!

Achieving a sleek ready for action look is as simple as putting on some shoulder padded t- shirt, blazer or dress, slick back your hair or leave it out for the wild. The dominant shoulder look will leave you not only confident and comfortable to get through your day, but will accentuate your waist!

On route to attaining this look, don’t be afraid of doing some experimenting. We are totally in love with bold statements on a simple silhouette, so go for some brights, metallics or sequins, whatever fits your personality. Consider this your new armor but don’t forget about the inner princess!

Here are a few items we love to achieve the WARRIOR LOOK:

1) The Fingerless gloves:

2) The Shoulder Padded T-Shirt:

Camilla and Marc at

3) The Warrior Mini Dress:

SACHIKA Moon dress at

4) The Shoulder-padded Blazer:

Marc Salon at

5) The Armored jeans:

Hope you like this new trend as much as we do! And don't forget that balance is key! We are women and although we are fighters & warriors, we must still remain FEMININE...YAY TO THE WARRIOR PRINCESS:)

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