Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Keeping Cool in the Nude

The unbearable heat during the summer will make you want to shed your clothes off, and since this is not an option (hehe), our alternative is wearing nude.!! Flesh colored tones are by far the sexiest way to show off your body! Think almost ice cream colors-nude with peach with washed out nutmeg, pale lemon, or spearmint with icy blue. Since it is considered a neutral color you can mix and match fun accents of other colors, just like a clean canvas. The right staple pieces in your closet are by far our favorite things to play with. Nude defiantly makes our wardrobe decisions easier.

Be careful about picking the right nude to your skin color, you don’t want to wash yourself out.

What N U D E is for you?

If you have a warm complexion like us your best bet is to stick with warm/yellowish-based nudes like ivory, camel, coffee and milk. If you have a lighter complexion you should go with a cool/bluish-based nude like cocoa and sand. If you have contrast like dark hair with either pinkish fair or dark skin try to keep the nude colors away from your face-go with accessories (shoes, bags, jewelry etc) it's not strong enough to hold your contrast colors and might give you a washed out look.

Do not only stick with clothing our favorite nudes come in all shapes and sizes!!

Try out a lacy booties that are great for hot weather

A sexy statement piece to spice any type of outfit

With a flesh colored slinky dress, everything looks good and you can’t feel anything but confidence.

Little gloves are always a great surprise in an outfit!

A neutral but still a statement color like the dress below by SACHIKA, is always a blow out at any party!

Nude to the finer tips J

Pillow Talk –

This sheer but flirty makeup accessory will leave you looking noticeable but carefree!

Exclusive to Sephora –

The polka dots against this pink tone will definitely liven up your beach experience and the spearmint band around the top will give you a fresh cool look!

3.1 Philip Lim -

What we love about neutrals is that you can pair it up with just about anything.


Even when it rains we have no excuses not to look and feel our best, even with this nude umbrella you’ll never blend in!