Friday, April 30, 2010

HOT accessories for a HOT summer!!!

Simplicity with a touch of spiciness is the key to a great sense of style, according to us! This summer, you should not feel that your edge to your style has to be put on the back burner ! While facing that problem ourselves we found a great alternative to feeling like a bad ass in a sundress – the key is to ACCESSORIZE... Putting a couple or just one statement piece takes your look to another level!

There are a couple of different alternatives to accessories in the summer; our favorite right now are body jewelry anything from head to toe! We love this idea of an effortless look that can compliment a beautiful simple dress.

1) Take this one shoulder feminine dress and make the look different by slipping this necklace sleeve on. Now you are making a bold statement and drawing attention to your new look for the night. Definitely an eye-catchy piece.

Balance out your one shoulder look with a fun accent.

2) The Bohemian is still in! Headpieces are a perfect simple compliment to your look.

Pulling off the bohemian look with this jumpsuit and headpiece will be a synch.

3) Big long chain pieces are so in right now. They can be paired with basic tees, tank tops and mini dresses. You will surely be noticed with a central piece like this one...

Finish your warrior look with this chain piece.

4) Legs, legs, and legs...Got nice thighs and legs? Show them off with this gorgeous & sexy jewelry leg piece. A simple short mini dress is a perfect complement to this piece.

This garter belt piece will defiantly bring attention to that sexy slit on the dress.

5) Love this new item! With this piece, beats piling bangles on top of the other, it is more stylish and sleeker. Take your bare arms and dress them up with chain sleeves, or head jewelry, or connecting rings. So many options its endless, so be creative and have fun. !

6) This summer, wear unique shades. Big & bold is the key. Wear them with a simple basic Tee & to achieve the look of a Rock Star!! (both ladies & gentlemen)

7) A hot new item is also the bow tie! Be creative wear loose on on your neck, on your arm or even on your thigh...This hot reinvented item will definitely spice up your outfit!

Pair it up with our Jackie dress for instance:

Hope this inspired you to use tons of fun & new accessories this summer! Go ahead....indulge yourself.

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