Monday, July 26, 2010

Boutique Eat Shop aka Our New Favorite Brunch Spot!

This new restaurant "lieu de rencontre" haven, called the Boutique Eat Shop, located on 22nd and 11th avenue is the perfect spot for a delicious meal and to meet the most talented artists in town! It is architecturally fantastic with high ceilings, beautiful dark wood floors, decorative fireplace and a warm brick wall. This achieves an eclectic and modern feel, which is perfect for classy & trendy spots to hang with friends.  The ambiance of world rhythmic music, polished & friendly clientele, and ample space of 60 seats, booths and tables make this restaurant a definite new hotspot in New York! The service is warm and welcoming. The two owners of this establishment, Patrick and Eddy, have opened their doors to the artist community and welcome anyone willing to have an "artistic culinary experience".  5 stars from SACHIKA!

P.S. The Eggs Benedict for Brunch were a real benediction from HEAVEN =)

The Brunch menu at B.E.S.

The cozy, at-home atmosphere.

How cool is that chandelier? It's made from recycled bottles!

Enjoying a wonderful meal.

This is the partition between the eating area and the kitchen.

Lemon Pancakes with whipped honey butter served with smoked bacon.

Smoked salmon eggs benedict served with sauteed spinach and prosciutto wrapped asparagus.
To die for!

Herbed potato wedges...yummy!

Ano and Jonathan...awesome waiters!

Bar seating at the dollhouse-like partition.

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