Sunday, July 25, 2010

SACHIKA Twins attend XEX MAGAZINE LAUNCH PARTY & Greenhouse w/ Fab friends

The SACHIKA Twins: To-Tam & To-Nya Sachika. Twin Designers of  SACHIKA.

To-Tam & To-Nya Sachika: Twin Designers of SACHIKA Identical Twins.

On Thursday night, July 22nd, XEX Magazine celebrated the launch of their 4th issue.  XEX Magazine is primarily a fashion magazine but covers all aspects of pop culture from art to music as well.  Featured in the magazine are  names in the fashion world such as our accessory designer friends Coco & Breezy (twin accessories designers like us!!) and pop/rock band Neon Trees.  The magazine covers "Xexposes" on many different artists and designers.

Issue 4 of XEX Magazine

Twin designers of the brand SACHIKA

Photographer Mike Antonio, Stevie Boi and Stylist Ivemil PH with the SACHIKA Twins

The Crew

Stevie Boi and the SACHIKA Twins

SACHIKA Twins get interviewed on the red carpet

Who wants to miss DJ WHOO KID spinning at Greenhouse???!

Rosetta and Rae Mu at greenhouse

J Money, Brittany Hunter & friend

   Stevie Boi and stylist Ivemil

Emily and her lovely friend

Brucling, G Money, Mike Antonio, Stevie Boi and Robot

News reporter Thalia Patillo and the SACHIKA Twins

And the Saga continued a greenhouse after the XEX Mag event!

The SACHIKA Twins partying at Greenhouse with the stylish boys;)

SACHIKA Twins & Stevie Boi

Stevie Boi and Stylist Ivemil PH with the SACHIKA Twins

 Stevie Boi taking over!

In the zone!....;)

Tony Lam and the ladies


We love celebrating LIFE! :)

He got his dancing shoes on!

Greenhouse was definitely popping with your SACHIKA Twins in the building! ;)

"All the single ladies!"...

Don't mess with Mike Antonio! lol....

Love this artistic shot!


DJ WHOOKID killing it in the company of Jessica Rosenblum

Forgot this gentleman's name but we LOVE his shirt!  Good job buddy :)

Happy to see Thalia Patillo come out with bf Frank and lovely friend

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  1. Looked like you had a great night!!!!

  2. Guys sure know how to party :)

  3. Hey was wondering do you guys ever get confused about whos WHO in a picture where youre wearing the EXACT same thing ? Lol & when are you guys gonna open your own STORE ! please repond :)