Monday, July 19, 2010

Go Green with the SACHIKA TWINS!

Greenhouse NYC is a 6,000 sq foot, bi-level club/lounge located in SoHo.  The great thing about Greenhouse that sets it apart from the rest of the NYC club scene is that it is made completely from recycled or recyclable materials.  The atmosphere of the club is a landscape scene of glimmering crystals and other nature scenes made from recycled glass.  The club is L.E.E.D. certified which means it is recognized by the United States Green Buildings Council for its environmentally conscious structure.  "Going Green" has become a new way of life and this lifestyle is growing in popularity as it is helping protect the environment.  At Greenhouse you save the world, one party at a time, so come save the world with the SACHIKA Twins!

Dancing on the couches: Sonya, To-Tam and Sherice

Autumn, a fabulous friend, and Ellaina

Florian is ready to party!

Carolyn, Sonya, To-Tam and Sherice aka Lady Yvette

Hotties for ladies: Dan and David

Autumn and Ellaina with cutie

Matt and Florian...they looove Greenhouse

Stunning Sonya

To-Tam and Model David

Pretty girls! Kim & Hanna

MTV Producer Matt Paco having a blast

To-Nya and Ellaina all smiles

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  1. I'm all for going green! who wouldnt wanna party and save the world at the same time??

  2. greenhouse looks like so much fun. i need to check it out!