Wednesday, September 29, 2010

SACHIKA Asian Pear & Arugula SALAD - 5 Minute recipe!

Our parents are chefs and have always spoiled us with VERY VERY succulent foods. Unfortunately, when we first moved to New York, due to the size of our apartments and kitchen, it was nearly impossible to cook. Finally, we now lived in a roomy LOFT with a full kitchen that permits us to save money, time and to spend time in the kitchen, another dear passion of ours! WE  just LOVE TO COOK!

For all the busy bees out there, here is our Arugula and Pear Salad, so quick to prepare, healthy and oh so succulent! All ingredients are simple foods and easy to find! Enjoy!

SACHIKA Arugula & Pear SALAD with Citrus dressing

Ingredients for 2 people (appertizer) or 1 person ( full meal):

Cashew nuts (1/2 hand full)
Dried cranberries ( a hand full)
Shaved parmesan (4 table spoons)
1 sliced Asian Pear
Arugula salad ( 3.5 oz)

Citrus Dressing ( mix all ingredients together):

Olive oil ( 2 table spoons)
Flax Oil ( 1 table spoon)
Lemon pepper (a nut size)
Sea Salt ( a nut size)
Fresh squeeze lime juice of 1 lime ( big)
Honey ( 1 table spoon)
Fresh grapefruit juice (1 table spoon)
Crushed garlic (a nut size)

Toss all together and enjoy!

 Crunchy, tasty, light and delliiiicious!

More quick NYC-paced recipes coming- all authentic SACHIKA recipes. Remember, SACHIKA is a movement for the Modern Woman. She is healthy mentally and physically and she knows how to manage her busy schedule efficiently! She is simply smart! :)

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Bon Appetit!

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