Friday, October 8, 2010

SACHIKA TOP 5 Beauty Tips and Tricks

Looking flawless is an extremely important part of living the SACHIKA lifestyle. It is imperative to be able to represent yourself in the best way at any given time. The SACHIKA woman is always looking at her best making sure her face and hair look fantastic. As a businesswoman on the go she may not always have multitudes of time to prepare herself. We have compiled a list of a few tips to make yourself look perfectly polished that don’t take much time or effort.

1. Primer

The most important trick to making your makeup look fresh and like you just applied it at all times is by using a primer. Always, always, always use primer! Applying primer serves as a base to your makeup that helps foundation and shadows set and last ten times longer. Sometimes, when we use eye shadows without the primer we feel like you cannot even notice we have anything on. Primer helps eye shadows pop and look more perfected. The SACHIKA woman always wants to look at her best so it is important for her to have her makeup always looking flawless and not rubbing off of her face.

Mac has an entire line of “prep+prime” featuring different bases to prime your face or eyes before applying makeup.
Prep and Prime Eye: $16.50
Prep and Prime Skin: $26.50
Prep and Prime Finishing Powder: $22.00

2. Skin Care

Skin care is very important to us. Of course, no one is perfect not even the SACHIKA woman and we all love to have shiny and illuminates skin but we just aren’t all blessed with that gene. Yes products like proactive, and other skin care are great and can do wonders for the face, but there is nothing like a homemade natural facemask. We love to take avocados and mash them up into a mask. If your skin isn’t too sensitive and you are looking for a scrub for dead skin you can add chunky sea salt to the mix. The avocado leaves your face feeling so fresh and illuminated. Avocados are also great for hair masks and in your diet. The best part of making avocado masks is that anything left over you can eat!

1 large Avocado at Whole Foods: $1.99

3. Eyebrows

A great beauty trick without having to apply too much makeup is painting in full and shapely eyebrows. The SACHIKA woman is on the go and may not have the time to apply full makeup everyday, but one important product to use is eyebrow liner. Eyebrows frame the face and we think that a woman with full and shaped eyebrows looks sensual and elegant. If you are someone that doesn’t wear much makeup it is always important to paint your eyebrows in and give them the perfected shape. Whenever we go out that is the first part of makeup that we apply. Shaped eyebrows are the finishing touch to a nice look and can open up the face.

One of our favorite eyebrow pencils is the one from Revlon. It also comes with brow mascara and at a great price!

Revlon Eyebrow Pencil at Duane Reade: $5.99

4. Hair Care
There is nothing sexier that long, shiny, and full hair. One of the greatest ways to achieve this beyond any hair product or shampoo is to use mayonnaise as a hair mask. Yes, it may sound weird or even gross but it works! The eggs in the mayonnaise treat the dead ends and leave your hair glossy and soft. Simply cover your hair with mayonnaise, let it soak for a bit, and then wash it out with shampoo and conditioner. We have been using this natural hair mask for years and no hair product has been able to yield the same results.

Trader Joes: $3.29

5.Clear Eyes
Our fifth and final beauty trick is using Visine. Yes, visine is great for eliminating redness in your eyes but it also works onders with blemishes. It does not eliminate redness long term but the SACHIKA woman being on the go needs a quick fix and this is it. Visine takes the redness out of small blamishes on the face making them easier to cover with foundation to look great at quick meeting. 

Duane Reade: $5.99

More tips and tricks coming soon. Keep posted!


  1. I tried the avocados can't believe it really worked! thanks girls