Monday, October 11, 2010

SACHIKA TOP 5 Favorite & BEST Shoe Designers

1. Christian Louboutin

Although a bit pricey, every girl needs a pair of Christian Louboutins. They lift you up to a new height putting you on a pedestal above everyone else. There is just something about these shoes that makes you feel like a new woman. SACHIKA is the best of the best so it would come to no surprise that on the top of our list is Christian Louboutin. Although these shoes seem extremely high almost all of Christian Louboutins shoes are made with a platform heel; so yes your walking in a 5-6 inch shoe but the front of your foot is also lifted two inches above the ground so they don’t feel as high as they actually are. Red Bottoms all the way!

2. Christian Siriano

Christian Siriano had an amazing collection of shoes for this Spring New York Fashion Week collection. The man is a genius! He now designs shoes for Payless shoes making elegant designer shoes at an extremely affordable price!!  His shoes are edgy and unique and can complete any outfit.

3. Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs also has a great collection of footwear. He has designs shoes everywhere from flats to heels to boots and everything in between providing style and comfort. He is a very versatile designer and is great at what he does. The SACHIKA woman, always being on the go needs a shoe that she can feel good walking in and yet still look great.

4. L.A.M.B

Gwen Stefani's collection L.A.M.B has a great collection of very trendy and unique shoes. This fabulous brand has some of the most gorgeous shoes in women footwear both elegant and stylish.  What we lover about her shoes is they're affordable yet original and comfortable. She's not afraid of using bright colors and choses great colors combos. Gwen Stefani only launched the L.A.M.B.  collection in 2004 but has been a hit ever since. We love both her clothis and shoes they give you the option for both style and comfort, exactly what the SACHIKA woman needs.

5. Chanel

Chanel is just on another level with everything that they do. They seem to really do no wrong. Chanel has such classic and timeless pieces in their footwear, apparel, and accessories. Chanel offers many different heels as well as flats that can easily take you from day to night.  The SACHIKA woman is beyond elegant and classy. A great pair of Chanel shoes to go along with her SACHIKA clothing will just put her on top of the world.


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  1. Hey girls!
    You have these awesome louboutin shoes displayed above that i've been dying to get. You mention that they're SACHIKA but clearly they're louboutin shoes and SACHIKA isn't a name of a shoe in his collection :( Please help!
    Shoe SOS!

  2. I should mention that they're the black pump!