Saturday, October 2, 2010

Top five items in the SACHIKA woman's bag

            As businesswomen we must look top notch at all times, as well as be prepared for the best. Being challenged with a busy lifestyle with numerous meetings during the day we found ourselves compelled to bring certain items with us that we find useful during our daily routine. Below are our top five essentials we believe all busy women on the go should carry with them everyday.

1.) Pair of Flats

            We always have a cute pair of flats in our bag. Living in the hustle and bustle of New York City one cannot expect to run around town in your cute heels and get everywhere in time and comfortably. You want to save your energy and your feet for the best. It is a good combination of being comfortable and making yourself most efficient. The SACHIKA woman never knows whom she may run into in New York and it is important for her to be equipped for all of the action.

2.) AlternaVites

            We are in love with these little vitamin packs. Living a healthy lifestyle is so important to us. When you are always on the go you need to keep your body healthy and fueled so that you can work to your best potential. We received these small vitamin packets in a gift bag at a fashion show and have been hooked every since. It melts in your mouth allowing you to take it with you everywhere.           

3.) Flip camera

            In New York you have to expect the unexpected. Nothing surprises us anymore in a city filled with such diversity. We found ourselves using our flip camera almost on a daily basis. It has been of great use during meetings. For us as designers the Flip camera is great for fittings with our clientele. The flip camera is also a good way to protect you legally. Using a flip camera can get addictive, once you realize that with a camera you can capture moments that us as humans sometimes overlook you’ll realize you need it with you at all times. We believe in living in the moment, but isn’t it even better when you know that the moment is saved and documented. Next thing you know you will start making a movie about your everyday life. 

4.) USB

            You never know whom you will stumble upon. A USB is a very important essential to keep on your keychain at all times. You can run off copies or present your work at any computer. It is like an on hand portfolio of any important information you have.

5.) iPod

            Music brings us to another level and is a very important part of our lives. Walking around and listening to our jams helps us find inspiration. In our iPod we like to have soothing music that helps us to relax and stay focused. Music can be very uplifting and is a great outlet for creativity. You should put your favorite songs that uplift and motivate you. Being positive and joyful is a crucial aspect to self-achievement and great success. Music is a powerful way to change your mood. 

Stay tuned for more tips for the SACHIKA woman; she is fierce, she is independent, and she knows what she wants! 

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  1. WOW, never thought of the USB great advice! thanks!