Monday, November 15, 2010

QUEEN BUZZ Visits The SACHIKA Showroom

  The Fabulous Queen Buzz !!!

We had the pleasure to meet Deana T. Spiotti, at the 2nd annual Posche boutique fashion show on November 2nd, 2010 at The Brownstone, located in Patterson in NJ. 

Deana was one of the models on the runway and she totally rocked it! Bubbly, eloquent and confident, we were immediately attracted to her.

Deana used to be a 4th grade teacher and now she is "doing everything [she] always wanted to do..."

We love it! We have always been big on encouraging people to do what they love everyday! You only have one life so forget about pleasing someone or doing something for money, DO YOU, and if you love what you do everyday, you will never feel like you are working another day in your life! :)

Here is a quick bio of Deana in her own words:

"Acting, singing (album in the works), writing a book (taking me awhile, but this is something that most people didn't know), video/editing and writing for Queen Buzz (that's me), working PT somewhere (no I'm not telling so you can bother me) modeling (I'm 5'5 and loving it) and getting to meet some of the best people in the industry..."

Wow, multi-talented!!! GO DEANA! :)


Deana buzz around finding all the goodies and every now and then bring it to life via video...

"Reality is, people enjoy watching things not reading all the time...don't get me wrong I am an avid reader, but to actually see the interview, funny clips, and behind the scenes is so much better than just reading about it...."

We had the pleasure of having Deana visit our SACHIKA showroom located in Chelsea, NYC. Deana took the time to put together a wonderful video of us, showing some of our newest pieces of our Spring 2011 collection.

Hope you enjoyed this video as much we enjoyed doing it! We love the fact that she put our fave song of the moment: " Stereo Love"! Thank you!

We had the privilege to hang out with Deana and to get to know her better and to get crazy...! Not sure if we should post the footage of the crazy moments, should we?!!!.........

To-Tam Sachika and To-Nya Sachika, the twin designers behind the SACHIKA labels

To-Tam and To-Nya showing off the Mara Pants and Kara Lace Top

Sketches of SACHIKA designs by Medina Mercer for SACHIKA

SACHIKA TEAM: Nicole Chavanne, Rhina Nunez, To-Tam Sachika, To-Nya Sachika, Barrington Roberts and Medina Mercer

To-Tam Sachika, Deana T. Spiotti and To-Nya Sachika

If you want Deana to buzz her way her:

If you liked any of the designs or would like to inquire on any of them, please do not hesitate to reach out: or 1-888-SACHIKA

SACHIKA is currently selecting store to distribute SACHIKA. If you are a store owner/buyer or know of anyone interested, please do not hesitate to contact us to schedule a viewing.

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  1. Love the new collection!!!

  2. great video.i love the kara pants!

  3. you girls are way too adorable

  4. Beautiful collection...The Sachika twins definitely embody style..they ARE style. Deana you did such a great job on both of our videos I cannot wait until next time!

  5. JOB WELL DONE i love the video!! :)

  6. You girls are on your way to the top!