Tuesday, November 16, 2010

SACHIKA Celebrates Carlos Basora's Birthday like Rockstars!

This past Friday we held our weekly Flaunt Fridays event at the Tribeca Grand Hotel and it was so much fun! It happened to be our friend Carlos' birthday which made things ten times crazier! We went all out, dancing in the streets, jumping on taxi cabs, and partying all night long. Great times with great people and many more to come!

Bday boy Carlos and Celeb trainer Sidney Wilson

Cheers for Carlos' Bday!

Dennis Hirdt, To-Nya Sachika and Adam Hayes

Carlos Basora, To-Nya Sachika and Sidney Wilson

To-Tam Sachika and Nicole Chavanne

Nicole Chavanne & Carlos Basora

Nina Estevez and our P.A. Barrington Roberts

Barry, Brianna and Nicole

Brianna and " Lamborgini" ! <3

Tipsy To-Nya and flaunt guests..

Chatty Sidney and Autumn

Talib Kareem drinking up!

Nicole and Russell

No argument when drunk pls!

aww how sweet!

Talib, Brianna and Carlos

10 people fit in this car! LOL

We took the party out in the streets!

Dancing.....it never stops!


Check out the craziness....

Hope you enjoyed your birthday Carlos!!! It was definitely a night to remember!

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  1. videos are crazy...dangerous ladies..!

  2. Looks like the best nite ever!! :)

  3. Can I say that, that night looks was an amazing night ever!!! Happy Birthday Carlos!!!