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Photography by Steve Reganato, Dresses by SACHIKA, makeup by NEON FIX and Hair by Paul Mitchell



Celebrity secrets revealed

Here are the 22 questions that were asked to us on Tuesday 11/9/2010 via this blog.

We promised, we deliver...Enjoy!

1) Have you guys ever liked the same guy? 
To-Tam: We did in High school, a few. But as adults, not that I know of..LOL. 
To-Nya: Only when we were young…and didn’t know anything about “ liking” ! lol 

2) Have u ever considered modeling. you're gorgeous! 
To-Tam: Thank you. No, we never particularly wanted to model. Besides, we are 
 too short. We loooove taking photos though & enjoy new experiences.
To-Nya: We have been asked to model many times and took the opportunities to learn and explore what we can do. We never aspired to be models though.

3) Would either of you ever get plastic surgery? If so, where?
To-Tam: As of now, plastic surgery does not appeal to me.
To-Nya:  We don’t encourage anyone to get plastic surgery and we believe in natural beauty.

4) What do you think about men with long hair?
To-Tam: I have long hair & I'd prefer to be the only one with long hair in the couple but I do think Lenny Kravitz & David Beckham look great with long hair. It depends!
To-Nya: I think it depends on who….on the right person, yes, it can be very sexy!

5) I recently read somewhere that you two were born in Paris.... do you speak French? Vietnamese? 
Yes we both speak fluently French, Vietnamese in addition to English.  We learned Spanish in college so we know a little of’s very similar to French. French is our first language.

6) What is the total of guys that you have dated each? 
To-Tam: I had 3 boyfriends. 
To-Nya: 1 boyfriend

7) What are you two wearing right now.. head to toe 
To-Tam: LOL..Right now? tank top & sweat pants.
To-Nya: NOTHING! hehe...j/k! T-shirt and sweats pants

8) Aside from yourself, which other designers to you girls love?
To-Tam: Versace, Zac Posen, Valentino
To-Nya: Zac Posen, Matthew Williamson, John Galliano

9) What is the biggest pet peeve that you girls have?
To-Tam: When people keep repeatedly saying POW!!..If your message is strong enough why add POW to it?
To-Nya: Stingy people 

10) Do you know what's your inspiration for next season?
To-Tam: Not yet but it will be definitely be unexpected  ! =)
To-Nya: I have an idea but nothing concrete….It's growing in my mind right now!

11) Whats your favorite perfume?
To-Tam: I don't have a favorite perfume. I usually like Vanilla & Fruity scents, not floral. Mine is Pacific Paradise from Escada
To-Nya: Betsey Johnson and Magnetism by Escada

12) How many boyfriends did you have?
To-Tam: 3
To-Nya: 1

13) Do you girls believe in marriage?
To-Tam: Yes absolutely! True love lasts forever.
To-Nya: Yes!!!  I believe in true love and in soulmates.

14) How long has SACHIKA been running?
Since January 2009 so a year and 10 months

15) Will you guys come out with a less expensive brand in the future
To-Tam: I think eventually there will be several lines for different demographics, so yes. A more affordable line is in the plans.
To-Nya: Yes, definitely. The sky is the limit to what we can do and will do! Also, I'd love to design for H&M just like LANVIN is doing right now! hint*
16)Do you Ladies think you have Banging Bodies? What is the most embarrassing thing you Ladies ever got caught doing? & What is you Ladies' ideal kind of guy?
To-Tam: That's like 3 questions in one lol... I can work with what God gave me...:p 
Embarrassing moment: Our dad caught us measuring our bust (me & To-Nya) when we were 13 in the restroom. He bursted in laughter when he saw us both topless measuring out boobies lol!  It was embarrassing. Lol. Ideal kind of guy: funny, adventurous, athletic, fun, ambitious, faithful, gentleman, caring, thoughtful, spontaneous...& much more!! lol
To-Nya: I think I am blessed to be the way I am for the amount of effort I put in. However, I am far from perfect and can be better! I am working on it..wink*
Embarrassing?   When we were 8 or so, we were playing “doctor” in the backyard with my female neighbor and we were showing our private parts…lol…my neighbor’s parents caught us, bursted out of the house and told our parents! LOL….
Ideal man: Smart, ambitious, athletic, fun, adventurous, caring, loyal.

17) Which snack bar is your favorite?
To-Tam: Larabar Cherry Pie
To-Nya: Larabar Cherry Pie

18) How old are you?
To-Tam: Same age as To-Nya lol (Dec. 13th 1984)
To-Nya: Same age as To-Tam LOL

19) What's your favorite color?
To-Tam: Red
To-Nya: Jade

20) Who's your favorite artist?
To-Tam: Alicia Keys
To-Nya: Ne-Yo

21) Whats your dream vacation
To-Tam: Somewhere exotic, beach, sand, palm trees, clear water.
To-Nya: Right now, I’d love to go VietNam…I’ve never been there and it’s a shame!

 22) Sidney W said...How many kids do you want with me?
To-Tam: hahahahha you're funny Sid!

Start thinking of questions for next Tuesday. It's your chance to ask WHATEVER you want!

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