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Men, take note!!! Here are the TOP TEN THINGS women notice about Men when we first meet them !!! Gentlemen, this is your time to pay close attention to the following details. Some can be changed, others cannot be changed. Remember, first impressions are not everything. As a matter of fact, personality & charisma in a man will have a lot to do even more with attraction then physical attributes or first impressions. However, you may want to leave a first good impression to gain the opportunity to court  her...!  A woman likes to feel great, make her feel GOOD! Just know that there are ways to make up for the points you can't change and at the end of the day, chemistry & the connection matter...but in no specific order, here are the 10 things women DO notice!

1. Height
Women notice height. Although a majority of women prefer tall men, some  women prefer shorter or average-height men. Whether she likes them tall, average or short, a woman will always notice the height very early on. Studies have proven that most women are attracted to tall men. For other women, the man just has to be at least the same height or taller than them. But don't worry, height is not everything, it is just one among the many things women notice right away.

Women will notice the height immediately but things don't stop there.
It's up to you & your personality to bring her to new "heights".
2. Eyes
When looking at the face, women will be looking at your eyes first. The eyes tell all. It is one of the main physical attributes that women pay attention to. Each woman has her own preferences but the way you look into hers is important. Do you have a deep, intense, sweet or tender look in your eyes ???

Paul Walker's has a genuine look in his eyes

3. Teeth/ Smile
 A great smile with nice white teeth is always attractive. Studies have proven that individuals with nice smiles are considered more attractive. Oral & dental hygiene guys! Take care of those teeth! Most importantly, what comes out of our mouth will matter even more. Personality is key. Make her laugh.
Tom Cruise's infamous smile.

4. Manners/Chivalry
Mannerism & chivalry. Of course you must be a gentleman. Although some women will overlook this criteria, they will still notice if you are a gentleman or not. A man should be acting like " the man". The stronger one that can protect and provide security for her. Chilvary is inexpensive, remember, it's always ladies first. Plain simple.

5. Body Frame
Women will most likely notice your body frame which means shoulders, arms and gut. Strong shoulders and arms are attractive physical qualities in a man. Some women don't mind men with a small or even big guts at all. Others prefer men with no guts. Either way, those physical attributes will be noticed although they may not be essential. Remember personality play a major role in men. Regardless  of your body type, make sure your personality radiates.

Will Smith not only has a great frame but he has the personality to top it off.

6. Hands
After all,  those will be the hands that will be touching her. Women do look at your hands. We don't expect you to get manicures but clean hands with clean nails are mandatory. No woman desires to be touched by filthy dirty hands !!! LOL. A strong grip is important and strong masculine hands are usually considered more attractive.

7. Voice
No matter how attractive a man is,  a high-pitched annoying voice can ruin everything. A man with a nice deep voice is always sexier. Speech is important as well. Make sure you don't speak too slow or too fast. Eloquence will make you look more intelligent. "Voice is a profound difference between men and women, and it colors every human interaction we have," said David Puts, an anthropologist at Michigan State University

Clive Owen has the sexy deep voice...
8. Breath
Check your breath please! This works for both men & women! Bad breath can kill it all! It can happen to everyone from time to time especially after a very garlicky meal or when you drink  alcohol (yes) but this is something you can all take care of. Take the proper measures to have fresh breaths: mouth wash, chewing gum, mints, candy, etc. It's inexpensive & it may cost you a great candidate. Bad smell is a real turn off!
Our favorite chewing gum...!
9. Your walk
Something sexy about a man with a nice swag. When you will walk away, we will notice your walk. An assertive, calm & relax walk is always a plus. No slouching backs, straight shoulders. Walk with confidence.

10. Scent
No cologne is better than bad heavy stinky cologne. Beware of which cologne you choose! This is more subconscious but your smell is something that will be remembered. Women are subconsciously attracted to certain Pheromones. This is subjective to each individual. The rules of attraction, it turns out, seem sometimes to play out in our subconscious...Smell is one of them. Ever wonder why you're particularly attracted to someone? It may be the pheromones...

Ladies, which is the first thing you will notice in men?

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  1. 100% True.I can only date tall men. 6'0 and over!!

  2. Nice hands, great shoulders!!!

  3. fresh Breath is a must!! :) I love this blog!!

  4. A Great smile and nice butt are a must!!!

  5. Definitely 6'2 and over please and definitely nice hands, teeth and fresh breath and easy on the cologne boys:)

  6. ok so i have several thing that i take into consideration. personalities, height but im not that picky, body, chemistry, and what they do for a living! Love dont pay bills

  7. Tall men means big... you know what I mean LOL

  8. One this is missing from this top ten is noticing a man's package. I know lots of female look at a man packgage.

  9. Yes its true..Big men means a super big penis. That's why woman look at height first.

  10. tall men doesn't mean big penises!!!

    1. they must be virgins lol

  11. In my mind,the eyes, the smile and the voice are for me most things that mainly attract me; But all the other criterias that you noticed are important too.

  12. This is excellent!! So very true! As time passes I have noticed that what you see is definitely NOT always what you get though. Have to peel back the layers to find the true man. :o)

  13. Nice hands, nice eyes. YUM