Friday, March 11, 2011

Edwin Taveras, Photographer of " Your Unforgettable Memories" - truly unforgettable gift we got!!

Photographer Edwin Tavarez truly stunned us with a big surprise...literally BIG!

Not only did this amazing photographer captivate all moments of our highly mediatised and attended bday bash last December 2010, but Edwin also compiled the best ones to make this beautiful HUMAN SIZE book souvenir! WE LOVE IT!!!  Going through this book only brings us right back in time - where fun times, great friends and good music were there!

Take a look at the pictures below....The images, the paper, the hardcover....everything from this GIANT BOOK is a stunner!!!

Thank you EDWIN for making our bday bash even MORE memorable!

To contact Edwin Tavarez, visit his website:

Photographer Edwin Tavarez holding his beautiful work

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