Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Day with the SACHIKA TWINS... A documentary by VTC 10

A few weeks ago we received an International phone call from Vietnam.

An International television station, VTC10 from Vietnam requested an appointment with us for an interview for their show "Nguoi Viet Bon Phuong". Roughly, the documentary discusses International Vietnamese overseas with success story. A few week later, a camera crew and their beautiful host Jasmine flew over from Vietnam to film a special documentary on us.....

Preview intro clip for our documentary...

SACHIKA TWINS and Jasmine Hang Ngo

A tour around our studio and preview to our new collection, fall/spring 2014

Conference with L.A. Magazine CEO

A Special feature with LA Magazine CEO

Interview with Csaba Fikker, CEO of the LA Fashion Magazine. 

A final interview with a member of our staff, Christy.
End your day with a SMILE!!!

Our behind the scene "photographer & reporter"---Christy Pham

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