Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Bday to our friend & Celebrity Stylist Ugo Mozie!!!!

Ugo Mozie: Bday Boy !!

Last night, we went to the Thompson Hotel in the Lower East Side  to celebrate our friend & celebrity Stylist Ugo Mozie's bday.
Ugo Mozie is an Image Director, celebrity stylist & Fashion Editor & Designer. His work is amazing. Ugo has worked with celebrities such as Dawn Richard & Kalenna from Diddy Dirty Money, Kelis and was a wardrobe stylist of the hit movie "Sex & the City 2". Ugo is the youngest Fashion Editor for Ghubar Magazine International in Paris as well as the Creative Director of Pop Africana. 

Ugo Mozie was also the Stylist of our New York Fashion Week Spring 2011 show styling Caroline Manzo, Alex McCord, Coco wife of Ice-T, Adrienne Bailon and many more. Can you say fantastic work? Thanks to Ugo for a wonderful Fashion Show!

Cindy Mercado, To-Tam Sachika, Ugo Mozie, To-Nya Sachika . Happy Bday Ugo !!! 
Looking Sharp like usual Mr. Mozie! 

To-Tam, Model Tanaya Henry, To-Nya

To-Tam Sachika, Ty Hunter, To-Nya Sachika

Showing Ty some love !!!

Cindy Mercado, To-Tam Sachika, Model Shaun Ross, To-Nya Sachika

To-Tam Sachika, Super Producer Darnell Robinson, To-Nya Sachika

Twins reunited! Coco&Breezy & SACHIKA TWINS

Cindy Mercado & Bday boy Ugo Mozie

Bday Huuuuggggg!!! xoxox

Cory M, Cindy M, To-Tam, Brittany S, Mark Clark, To-Nya, Sophie

Cindy M, To-Tam, Brittany S, Mark Clark, To-Nya, Sophie

To-Tam & Sophie. She made and designed the skirt! :P

Bruce, To-Tam, Chris (Robot&Brucling), To-Nya, Cindy (Love them)

The Dream Team: To-Tam, Paul M RAbell, Tinisee, To-Nya, Jhenelle & Cindy (bottom)
They are the best we love them sooooo much!!! xoxo

To-Tam, Cindy & To-Nya

Ugo's bday party was a total success!! The crowd was oh so fashionable and hip & full of life!!
Ugo Mozie on the cover of September issue of AD Magazine
Happy bday to you Ugo!!!
To another year of success and happiness to you !!!

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  1. Happy bday to UGO!! SACHIKATWINS u gals look amazing!! :)

  2. He styled ur show?

  3. OMG you girls are so lucky to work with such great ppl, I wish I can be like you!!!

  4. he has such great style!

  5. sachika twins birthday next cant wait!

  6. you girls look stunning

  7. LOVE his pants on the magazine cover. so stylish