Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Eva Longoria Files for Divorce! Cheating Scandal Revealing Tony's Mistress...!

What seemed like a Fairy-Tale French Marriage turned out to be a  digsusting nightmare. Earlier this morning, November 17th 2010, actress Eva Longoria tweeted : 

"It is with great sadness that after 7 years together, Tony and I have decided to divorce. We love each other deeply and pray for each other’s happiness" 

After 3 years of marriage, the couple is now caught in a cheating scandal's pretty dirrrtyyy.
Eva Longoria found hundreds of text messages from Former Ex-teamate Brent Barry's wife: Erin Barry in her husband's phone. Really Tony? Your Teamate's wife? SMH... Apparently, Erin filed for divorce last month from Brent Barry and now it looks like the Parker are in a middle of a divorce too!....Can we say nasty?...And apparently, it's been going on for a year...Eva, we feel for you. You can find better

May God be with you through this tough time... 

The Truth Revealed:
We hate liars & cheaters !!  LOL

So who's the hoochy mama? Here you go! BAM! ERIN BARRY

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Do you see what Tony found attractive in her?
Will they turn to each other and become an item?


  1. Tony is a loser...that chick is ugly and skinny

  2. I just don't it. So very, very sad to find out they were living a lie :-(

  3. Ugh, I see that its all about sex with these "men" so pathetic...what happened to morals, value & respect??...Foundation???

  4. Honestly I can care lest about Tony. He didn't seem deemed enough to be with her.

  5. Eva can do so much better

  6. She was not doing her job!! So to bad for her :( Life goes on>>>POW!

  7. this is so upsetting! i loved them as a couple.

  8. Eva is way more beautiful.

  9. By this time, the hot Eva Longoria has moved on from this ordeal. Why, she never fails to be beautiful and sexy. Divorce is something more than just the paperwork. It's the severance of emotional bonds that take the toll. She's strong, and she always will be.