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The Truth! DJ Sky Nellor on LOVE & Reality TV

DJ SKY NELLOR: Single, Sexy and Free

Don't believe everything you see, even if it's Reality TV !!!

The truth about most Reality TV shows is that they are still scripted. Above all, don't EVER underestimate the power of editing! We have heard many (horrifying) stories on Reality TV stars who had their images completed distorted from reality from the TV show! Reality shows need juice, drama and chaos in order to captivate the most audience. What happens when they don't have enough DRAMA? They just created it!

DJ Sky Nellor is no stranger to this scenario. Beautiful, talented and bubbly Sky have had a terrible experience on BRAVO's show: The Millionaire Matchmaker; EPISODE 5.

Sky Nellor was born in Australia, and before being recognized for her abilities as a DJ, she was known for her flawless face and body. Sky appeared on the covers of several high profile international fashion magazines, including Spanish Vogue and Amica. 

While posing for photographs and walking on runways, however, Sky never forgot her passion for music. Her knowledge of diverse music forms and styles would help her in her music career by allowing her to stand out from many club DJs. 

Ironically, Nellor got her start as a DJ by taking on a dare. At a popular American club, her friends urged her to take her turn on the turntable. When she did, the crowd was literally stunned at her abilities to blend new and old into a signature sound that few DJs could equal. 

Essentially, that was the start of her successful career. A few short months later, Nellor found herself in demand at high profile events hosted by Calvin Klein and Giorgio Armani. Since these first few appearances, she has worked as a DJ for celebs like Britney Spears, Outkast, Missy Elliott, and even former U.S. President Bill Clinton.

Today, Sky Nellor is one of the most sought after DJs ( and surely among the hottest) all around the world. GO GIRL!!! :)




Here are Sky's words on her experience on the show posted by her on her facebook page:

Today Bravo posted a blog that I wrote about my experience on the show. Of course they had to edit it, just like they did with the episode... but here is the original, here is the truth.

When asked if I would consider going on Millionaire Matchmaker early

this year I happened to be surrounded by some of my dearest friends, who

all said: “DO IT”

They all thought I had nothing to lose and really needed a push when it

came to dating. Even my mother was excited to hear that I was making a

sincere effort to take the time to be more social.

Like me, ultimately she would love so much for me to get married and

produce some grandkids lol.

I went into this with an open mind and heart, and I believe that I was

tad naïve to say the least. Throughout the taping, I tried my best to do

whatever Patti suggested, but I had absolutely no connection with anyone

at the mixer and opted, after being yelled at by Patti, to go on a blind


Again I thought I had nothing to lose! My mistake.

My situation was not that uncommon. How many times have you been

introduced to someone with the hopes of meeting your prince charming but

you guys just don’t “click"? This happens many a time in the real world

and normally ends with smile and send off of “it was nice meeting

you.”In reality television world, however, it does not. My real mundane

ending was turned into a more dramatic and salacious case of being a

“celebrity dater.’

Patti’s “diagnosis” could not be further than the truth, which is known

to my family and friends but with this episode publicly misrepresents me

and my values. To make matters worse, Patti and Destin rattle off names

of individuals with whom I have had no relationship to build their case

to support their symptoms of such dating illness.

I actually cried in disbelief after watching the episode; I would have

never in a million years thought that this would be the outcome; where a

show uses rumor and gossip as the basis of building (or tearing apart) a

character. I can understand having some fun and I was fully prepared to

poke fun at myself; but it just did not end up that way.

I have learned much from this experience and I now understand that with

reality television, you must be diligent and stay on top of how you are

being represented.

Most importantly, you’ll be happy to know that I haven’t given up

finding love, even in the most unconventional places and with the news

of my two good friends recent engagements, I know that love is just

around the corner for me."

Thank you to everyone for all your kind comments and support!

xo Sky.

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Sky Nellor struts the runway for SACHIKA spring 2011 on September 14th 2010

We had the pleasure to work with Sky on our spring 2011 collection fashion show during NYFW. Sky modeled our SAPHIR dress beautifully. She was very professional, quick-witted, fun and easy going from the fittings to the actual show day.  SKY is NOTHING like the episode on Millionaire Matchmaker portrayed her!

It is clear to us when watching the episode that things have been edited in a way to justify the show's failure to match Sky. It is obvious that none of the men at the mixers were suitable and clicked with Sky. My sister and I are both single and we don't think we are picky but that does not mean we will like or automatically click with a bunch of selected men in a mixer. 

LOVE and LIKING is far more complex than " you two are perfect for each other!".

And of course, when Sky honestly speaks up her mind and admits that none of the men are to her taste, the show have to categorize her falsely  as a "serial celebrity dater".

Even with the editing, Sky was totally charming & soooo lovable! 

Patti  (wearing our SACHIKA jeweled jacket) and Sky Nellor

Sky, those who know you and care for you, know far more than what the show has to say! You are a beautiful woman with such charm, talent and life and you deserve equally special in love!

Love is just a blink away for you darling! :) <3

Yours truly,


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