Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mother's Day Gift Ideas by SACHIKA TWINS

Mother's day is approaching and we all know, being busy can block our creativity when it comes to choosing the right gift for MOM. She should always and especially on Mother's Day, feel nothing less than the QUEEN of your world.

Here are some gift ideas that we think all mom would appreciate although mot moms are happy with a simple phone call, a card, flowers or a visit. In addition to those, add one the following:

1) Spa Day Gift Card

Moms are always busy taking care of everyone around them, and although they would appreciate a spa day, unless forced upon them, sometimes it is the best way to get them to get pampered. Spoil your mama!

2) A dinner date with Momma

 Get Mom to dress up and take her to her favorite restaurant or types of food. She'll love your company, the food and how special this makes her feel.

3. The fleece SleepPhones headband

Sometimes mom needs a little de-stressing and unwinding before falling asleep. There's no better way to do that than with music. The fleece SleepPhones headband has a built-in wireless speaker so there's no danger of keeping your partner awake. It connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth. Music sure soothes the soul. $99.95

4. Morocccanoil Hydration Essentials

We have been using these oils on our hair for years and just love how it leaves our hair so smooth and silky. All moms would enjoy these essential oils! $72.60

5. Keurig K10 Mini Single Serve Brewer 

Your mom can now prepare a fresh, delicious beverage with this Keurig K10 Mini 20211 brewer, which features 6-oz., 8-oz. and 10-oz. brew-size options to suit her needs and shuts off automatically for safe use. The compact design offers flexible placement options. We love this ORCHID color too! , $99.99

Hope these suggestions will make 
your MOM feel like the QUEEN she is!!!

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